Featured Products

Werma CO2 Traffic Light Provides the Best Air Quality

With the world living in a pandemic companies are searching for better ways to meet the changes for work place conditions. Werma has this mindset and it is why they invented this Co2 Traffic Light.

DuraGuard's Linear Die Cast LED Area Lights

The ALV2A 24” and ALV4A 48” LED area lights are part of the Duragurad LEDicated series.

HTM's New Safety Light Curtains

HTM has launched its newest product.

Tempco's Hi-Density Cartridge Heaters & Termination Program

Get your Hi-Density Cartridge heaters in days, not weeks.

Dalton's Bore Hold Mystery

Heaters expand, the only question is how much. Fit is the difference between the diameter of the cartridge heater and the bore diameter.

Werma CleanSign Stacklight

The CleanSIGN signal tower has been specifically developed and certified for use in clean rooms

Telemecanique Limit Switches

Wireless, Battery-less, and more!

New KEP mL-CS8A Tank

The mL-CS8A series 8 channel analog scanner devices are designed for measuring and logging processes.

Burkert and Eagle Sensors worked together to help Texas Water Department

Eagle Sensors and Controls helped a Texas water department during the horrid snowstrom with the power of Burkert solenoid valves.

JXG-213-F Thermal Scanner

This device is a non-contact facial temperature detection system.


The TI-CS-T11 is a non-contact human temperature measurement system design for rapid body temperature inspections.

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