Excel Level Control System


LEVEL CONTROL SYSTEMA pre-wired system, to sense the level of media in a bin, hopper, or stacked height of materials, and display that info in a digital readout. The digital display is programmable and scalable, enabling readout in desired units (e.g., feet, meters, percentage). The standard system includes a sensor, digital level control systmreadout/display, power supply, enclosure, and intra-connecting cables.


Options include:

  • Four (4) programmable set-points, each with a dedicated, Form A SPST relay output.
  • Three-tier LED visual indication representative of the degree of fill or set-point achievement, as well as an audible alarm corresponding to the fourth set-point.
  • Wireless remote signaling (stand-alone, no software required)
  • Wireless MDC / Machine Data Collection System; software-based (free software); data-log operational status of up to 50 machines; optional counting and wireless remote control capabilities; e-mail/smartphone notification of events.

SPECIFICATIONS (standard model):

Input power (system): 110 vac @ 0.040 amps (nominal)

Media sensed: liquids, solids, slurries; discrete parts

Sensor: 0-10 vdc or 4-20 ma analog output (user specified); analog span selectable, GE Ultem Nema 4X/IP67
Housing; quick-disconnect type with mating cable (price length dependent)

Sensor ranges: Max range 10 inches; 1 meter; 2 meter; or 8 meters (price: range dependent)

Digital Readout: 5-digit; red LED; 0.56 inches height; variable intensity; scalable; panel mount sealed bezel (NEMA 4X/IP65); 4 programmable set-points with dedicated relay outputs; each relay: s.p.s.t; contacts rated 250vac @ 3 amps

Power supply (for sensor & signaling device): 24 vdc @ 0.6 amps; regulated

Enclosure: Non-metallic (FRP); hinged; stainless hinge & latches; Nema 4/4X; IP67; 9 inches wide x 11 inches high x 7 inches deep (external dimensions); with integral through-hole flanges for wall mounting.

Signaling option: LED flat sign signaling device, integral visual & audible, 220 mm high x 62 mm wide x 30.5 mm deep (90 mm at base only); 3-tier (R,Y,G; dip-switch selectable), 1 audible alarm, 85 db, IP65.

SYSTEM SELECTIONlevel control system

Example Part #:  LEV – 1 M – 2 – 0

System function:
LEV: Level Sensing
CTG: Counting
RAT: Rate/speed/RPM
ROL: Roll Diameter

Sensing ranges:
1F: up to 10 inches
1M: up to 1 meter (39 inches)
8M: up to 8 meters (26 feet)

System Level:
1: Basic system, monitoring only; no outputslevel control systm
2: Monitoring + [4] programmable set-points & [4] relay outputs
3: (Level 2) + 3-tier LED visual + [1] audible or visual alarm signaling

Wireless communications:
0: (none)
1: Wireless remote signaling; Reflect System modules
2: Wireless MDC/Machine Date Collection System*;
3: (Level 2) + Counting module
4: (Level 2) + Control module
5. (Level 2) + Counting module + Control module

* MDC System has free software; up to 50 machines are data-logged; e-mail or smartphone notification of events.

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