Hyde Park Ultrasonic Sensors

Hyde Park Reliable Ultrasonic Sensing Solutions

For more than 40 years, Hyde Park has been refining ultrasonic technology and over the years Hyde Park has emerged as the world leader in this area. Hyde park serves a abroad spectrum of industries from automobiles to textiles, film to pharmaceuticals, soap powders and facial tissue to almost everything. The reliability of Hyde Park ultrasonic sensors is unparalleled in  the  industry,  regardless  of how hostile the environment may be.


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Why Hyde Park Ultrasonic Sensors

  • Environmental Reliability – Completely self-contained and sealed,  Hyde  Park  ultrasonic sensors are virtually unaffected by  changing  light  conditions, colors,  dust,  splashing  food, messy  liquids,  most  caustic cleaning  solutions,  frequent wash-downs,  and  humidity.
  • Object Reliable – Some  objects  are  difficult  to detect  for  many  conventional sensors. However Because HydePark sensors utilize sound energy rather than light, they are reliable and effective in detecting a variety of objects as small  as  0.003  inch.    Transparent  or opaque, plastic or glass, metal or non-metal, uniquely shaped, different sizes or colors, green beans or soap powder, Hyde Park sensors detect them all.
  •  Versatile, Fast, and Cost Effective – Easy to set up and operate, and compatible  with  most  logic  systems  and programmable controllers, Hyde Park ultrasonic sensors are used today to monitor  all  aspects  of  the  production process while controlling machines running at speeds in excess of 2000 units    per minute (upm)

Hyde Park designs and manufactures reliable noncontact sensors for the most difficult applications. Depending on the application, Hyde Park offers variations of three sensing modes: proximity, retroreflective, and thru-beam.

Hyde Park Ultrasonic Sensors Features

  • Hyde Park is the world leading manufacturer of the most complete line of ultrasonic sensors
  • Sensing Ranges: from 1/2 inch to 26 feet
  • Output types:  analog, discrete, and latching
  • Input:  most models are 24 vdc, but a few sensors are available w/ AC power
  • Typical applications:  presence sensing, product counting, level control, roll diameter, web loop control, product inspection, and more
  • Ratings:  NEMA 4X & IP67 (well suited for hosedown / washdown applications)
  • Pricing: Models starting around $100



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