TR Electronic – CEV362 Series

CEV362 Series Absolute Rotary Encoder from TR ElectronicToday, we are delighted to introduce our latest breakthrough – the CEV362 Series Absolute Rotary Encoder, where the perfect balance of size and performance is achieved!

Small Yet Powerful:Engineered to be compact, the CEV362 Series measures just 36mm without sacrificing any of the resolution, accuracy, or functionality found in larger encoders. Imagine having all the power of our 58mm encoder jammed into a 36mm housing! With this incredible space-saving design, you can confidently tackle applications with tight mounting constraints.

Unbeatable Features:

  • Programmable Features: Customize the encoder with our extensive programmable features to suit your application, giving you unparalleled flexibility and control.
  • Available in SSI, CAN or IO-Link Interfaces: Benefit from these popular interfaces’ reliability and ease of use, ensuring smooth data communication.
  • Multi-Turn True Absolute Gearbox: You can say goodbye to time-consuming homing procedures and enjoy instant position feedback at power-up.
  • Up to 36 Bits of Total Resolution: Experience precision like never before, with up to 36 bits of total resolution, providing you with highly accurate and reliable position data.
  • High-Accuracy Optical Scanning: Utilize high-accuracy optical scanning technology, ensuring precise and consistent measurements even in demanding environments.
  • Available in Shafted or Blind-Hollow Format: Every application is different. That’s why we offer the CEV362 Series in both shafted and blind-hollow format, catering to various installation needs.