Panasonic / Sunx GT02L

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For replacing your touch panel

Contributes to the miniaturization of control panels.

For replacement of your membrane-type switch panel

The customizable button layout and switchable screens make design modification and maintenance easier.

Compact body with a wide LCD that is the largest size in its class

The small body of 74 mm 2.913 in high and 112 mm 4.409 in wide is equipped with a 3.7 inch large LCD. The analog touch system does not display any annoying visible dots or lines.

miniUSB interface as standard equipment

Supports the through function using a USB cable, allowing simultaneous debugging of PLC and GT.

Flexible sizing and layout available for switches and characters

Switches of a minimum of 8 × 8 dots can be moved in increments of one dot.
A wide range of character fonts and sizes (10 to 64 dots) are supported.

Portrait orientation ideal for narrow spaces

Installation in narrow spaces is possible, enhancing the degree of system design freedom.