Panasonic / Sunx Compact Laser Displacement Sensor HL-G1

Compact Laser Displacement Sensor HL-G1

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This single instrument delivers both high-precision measurement and computer-driven data analysis

High resolution of 0.5 μm0.020 mil

Thanks to high-precision measurement at a resolution of 0.5 μm 0.020 mil and an LED digital display that provides exceptional ease of use, the HL-G1 series will see use in a variety of applications on production lines worldwide.


Setup is fast and efficient by using the built-in digital display to set measurement parameters such as sampling cycle and output options.


The HL-G1 series features a compact design despite its built-in controller and digital readout. Thanks to our miniaturization technology, it can easily be installed on robot arms and in confined spaces.


The HL-G1 series now features a userfriendly interface that offers improved ease of use when operating via computer software or HMI unit for more sophisticated operation and analysis.

A total of 8 models accommodate a variety of applications