Telemecanique Cordsets and Connectors

Eagle Sensors & Controls is anthorized Telemecanique distributor. Contact is with sales and technical support.

Find the appropriate wiring at a glance:

  • Pre-wired connectors: for easy connection of sensors with connectors to terminal blocks or PLC inputs
  • Connectors: for connecting a cable of usable length to a sensor with connectors
  • Jumper cables: for connecting sensors with connectors to splitter blocks
  • Connector adaptors: transform a sensor with terminals into a sensor with connectors
  • Mainly available connectors M8, M12, ½”, 7/8″
  • Main cable characteristics:
    PUR and PVC casing
  • Excellent withstand to: 
    industrial environments (cutting oil, etc.)
    torsion (bending radius up to 15 times its diameter in dynamic operation)
    extreme temperatures (-35 to + 90°C)
    Nominal voltage: 320 V, insulation voltage: 2.5 kV


The range of machine wiring connectors and cordsets has been designed for optimal user-friendliness, simplifying connection and providing quick and safe reference identification.


High-performance, quick and tailor-made connections to all sensors

  • Industrial machines: assembly, packaging, handling, conveying, etc.


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