Panasonic / Sunx High Speed, Multi-Point Laser Displacement Sensor HL-D3


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High speed multi-point sensing and stable appearance measurement in one device

The HL-D3 series was developed based on a new concept of capturing the shape of objects with “pointsˮ instead of a “line.ˮ The new displacement sensors feature the following enhancements while not compromising the Z-axis resolution:
■1 Faster measurement, achieved by selecting only the desired sensing points
■2 Adjustable light intensity for each sensing point, which contributes to stable, precision detection
This is equivalent to the performance of 500 high-precision displacement sensors with a resolution of 1 μm 0.039 mil.

Measurement center distance and range(Z axis)

50 ±10 mm 1.969 ±0.394 in

Measurement range of width(X axis)

12.5 mm 0.492 in

Measurement center distance and range(Z axis)

Max. speed 80 μs

(2-point specified)

Resolution(Z axis)

1 μm 0.039 mil

(average number of samples: 64)