Video-Jet Replacement Sensors

Video-Jet Replacement Sensors

Photoelectric Sensors SmartEye IIEagle Sensors stocks Video-Jet replacement sensors plus the fiber optic cables and power cables. The following cross reference table gives you the Video-Jet part numbers and the current Tri-Tronics replacements.
(Also see replacement encoders for Video-Jet in the Encoder section of our website.)






Video-Jet Part #              Tri-Tronics Replacement           Model Description

SEIC2501   or SDC01              SEIW01                          Proximity Medium Range IR
SEIC25AF1 or SDCF1              SEIWF1                          Fiber Optic with Cable IR
SEIC25R1   or SDCR1              SEIWR1                         Retroreflective IR

504-6044                                  EXC-2                             42″ Mating Cable
EXC-1                                        EXC-1                             25 ft.Extension Cable

Optic Cable BF-A-36T Fiber Optic Cable used with SEIWF1