Tachometer Meters

Tachometer Meters



Dart Control’s Field programmable digital tachometer for shaft speed as low as 1 RPM, microprocessor based. Accuracy + 0.4%; 1/8 DIN housing 1/2″ digital display. Operating range 1 to 30,000 input pulses per minute. Faceplate gasket kit gives a NEMA 4X rating. 5Amp form C relay output. Can display rate, RPM,Time, Count, and Total. Universal power supply – One model for both 120VAC and 240VAC input. DM8000 Series (PDF)





Autonics compact LCD pulse indicator LR5N-B Series contributes to better user convenience by adopting 1 pulse input per rotation method and wide display range up to 10,000rpm. Moreover, built-in battery allows no power supply and wiring works. Rotator’s RPM and RPS display function in another feature of LR5N-N Series. LR5N-B Series (PDF)