Burkert solenoid valves overiew

Burkert manufactures valves for control of both liquids and gases.  Some of the types of valves include Ball, Diaphram, Angle-Seat, Globe, and Butterfly.  For nearly every Burkert valve, there are a diverse selection of mating actuators.  The basic types of activation are manual, solenoid, and pneumatic.  Burkert offers activation states that are either on/off or control (with analog electrical inputs).

Burkert designs their products to serves the general needs of the industry, as well as specific needs for the hygienic and cryogenic industries. Burkert valves represent quality, and are known to be the most sophisticated, most trusted, and most reliable in the industry.

The Burkert line of Solenoid Valves is very diverse.  Port sizes available range from 11/32 to 2.5 inch.  Choices of operation are direct, piloted, and zero differential.   Connection types are DIN connector, spade terminals, or wire leads.  Burkert Solenoid Valves are available with pressure ratings up to 1450 psi, and temperatures up to 356 degrees F.  Both 2 and 3-way solenoid valves are offered.   Burkert Solenoid Valves functionalities are either normally open, normally closed, or proportional.  With their Solenoid Valves offered in different housings and diaphragm materials to ensure compatibility with the media being controlled, depending on the model selected, they can control water or steam, or most neutral, aggressive, or contaminated media.

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