Sensing Solutions

January 18th, 2021


Ultrasonic sensors are generally the preferred source for level sensing or control.  They offer the advantage of a relatively wide effective beam, their function is independent of color of the media, and they can survive wet or dusty environments.  The wide beam allows the sensor to be less sensitive to minor variations in the surface of the media being sensed.  If the media can provide a return echo for the respective pulse that is directed at it, the ultrasonic sensor is worth consideration for the application.

However, while liquids and hard products are the easiest to obtain a return echo from, loosely compacted powders can be more challenging.  That is because powders can absorb much of the initial pulse from the sensor, and significantly diminish the amplitude of the subsequent return echo.   Not all powders behave the same, but the worst example are those media like powdered sugar.


For sensing difficult powder media, the best approach is to use a sensor with a higher ultrasonic output power.  This is typically achieved by using a sensor with a longer range than what the application implies.  For example, if the media is powdered, and needs to be sensed at 10-20 inches range from the sensor, then instead of using a Hyde Park model with a 1-meter range which would logically be the thought process, it may be necessary to use a Hyde Park sensor with a 2-meter range.  The Hyde Park 2-meter range is approximately 5 times more ultrasonic power output than the 1-meter model.  The Hyde Park 2-meter model is physically mounted where the 1-meter model would have been mounted, i.e., so that the media is only 10-20 inches range from it.  In this manner, the media, which still absorbs the same percentage of sound, returns more echo back to the sensor’s receiver for it to process.

Not only are the Hyde Park sensors offered in different range models, but the field-configurable models provide the ability for the user to adjust the sensor’s output amplitude to suit the application need more precisely.

Hyde Park ultrasonics are offered with either discrete or analog outputs.  The non-field configurable Hyde Park sensors are offered with either fixed functionality, or with limited adjustment of functionality.  The Hyde Park field-configurable models provide total adjustment of all functional parameters.

Net Value to our Customers:

Whether you have an easy, or more challenging type application, give us a call.  Chances are we may have either the sensor and/or the experience to solve it.  Excel Automation, and Eagle Sensors & Controls, have years of experience, and are application-oriented Authorized Distributors of numerous products for Industrial Automation, and LED Lighting.

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