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January 18th, 2021

Sensing/Controlling Level of Powder Type Substance in Hopper or Bin

Loosely compacted powders can be challenging for sensors to detect. We found a solution!
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January 25th, 2021

One of the most difficult applications for a photoelectric sensor is to reliably sense the presence of a clear film or object in the retro-reflective mode

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Photoelectric Through Beam with Fiber-Optics

One of the most challenging applications of photoelectric sensors with fiber-optics is to detect a small size part at a significant distance.

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Tri-Tronics Application

A customer was using a competitive, photo-eye sensor to a foil packet.  The existing photo-eye was using a fiber-optic to detect when the packet came into view.  When the packet was not present, the sensor’s fiber-optic was looking at black friction tape in the background. His sensor was missing packets altogether.

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Sensing Registration without a Registration “Eye” Mark

Registration marks on films are used to indicate the occurrence of a printed pattern repeated on film. The challenge is that for any given color of graphics, as the film travels, other printed graphics will also pass in the sensor’s view, and the sensor won’t be able to distinguish one printed graphic from another.

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Sensing Only Through a Duration of Target Passage

It is common in industrial applications to need a sensor to sense, display, and control the level in a tank. The challenge is to specify the level the sensors display, or control should correlate to.

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