Sensing Single versus Multiple Clear films or objects


One of the most difficult applications for a photoelectric sensor is to reliably sense the presence of a clear film or object in the retro-reflective mode.  The retro-reflective mode is defined as using a photoelectric sensor with a reflector, so that the object passes between the sensor and the reflector.  This mode offers advantages, or tradeoffs, with respect to the proximity or prox mode.  The reason is that the clear film or object is so challenging to see reliably is the obvious tendency of the sensor’s light beam to pass thru the clear film or object (at some point in the clear object’s transition by the sensor) with comparatively so little attenuation that the sensor has a difficult time distinguishing the clear film or object from no film or object present at all.  Even more difficult is distinguishing a single versus multiple clear film or object.


The Tri-Tronics Retro-Smart Clear Object sensor, RSRC-1, can typically distinguish the presence of a single versus multiple clear films or objects.  The sensor should be presented with a single clear film or object between the sensor and its premium reflector, and the Auto-Set button pushed.  This optimizes the sensor’s response for the single film or object.  When the multiple clear film or object situation is presented, the Tri-Tronics Retro-Smart Clear Object Sensor recognizes the difference in attenuation and switches its discrete output accordingly.  Surprisingly, this rather unique mode of operation is not discussed in the operating instructions, nor on the company’s website.

The Tri-Tronics Retro-Smart Clear Object sensor even has an Auto-Track feature that is selectable, in case you want to correct on an on-going basis for gradual buildup of dust or dirt on the sensor’s face or the premium reflector, or variations in alignment from the sensor to the reflector.  Provision is made for either Automatic Auto-Set, or Manual initial set-up.

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