Sensing only through a duration of target passage


It is very common in industrial applications to need a sensor to sense, display, and control the level in a tank.  The challenge is to be able to specify at what level or levels that display or control should correlate to.  Often, it is advantageous to sense and display more than one level, with the addition of an alarm in the event of the process out of control; e.g., either levels too high, or too low.


Our Hyde Park sensors are the typically the optimal solution for nearly any type of level sensing and control.  The advantage is various models with up to 8 meters (26 feet).  The sensors are ultrasonic, and essentially treat all reflective media the same, are independent of color of the media, and are optimally suited for a wet, dirty, dusty environment.  The Hyde Park analog models provide an output proportional to the distance to the media in the tank quite precisely.  This analog info is then feed into our scalable display unit, to accurately, digitally display the distance to the tank in whatever units are desired; e.g., feet, meters, gallons, etc….  The Digital display has up to four (4) adjustable set-points, where the respective [4] relays are activated corresponding to the each set-point.  The output of the relays can then visually indicate segments of fill level; e.g., 30%, 60%, 90% filled.  The fourth relay can be made to correspond to either too high (or too low) a fill level; e.g., 95% filled.  With 95% filled, an audible/visual alarm can signal the tank is dangerously close to over-flowing.

There is a video of such a working system, exactly as explained, is available on our website for easy of understanding.

Net Value to our Customers:

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