Hyde Park Touchless Buttons

Reduce infection risk from surface contact with touchless buttons!

Safer, well-managed facilities are those which                      ensure every area of their environment minimizes risk.

A sensor-driven, touchless-button solution is a more sanitary option for everyone using it.

Whether your application requires a photo-eye or an ultrasonic sensor, we have the components and the technical expertise to interface with the specific needs of your existing application.

Typical applications that have existing, electrically-activated system used for the initiating the following events that can be made “Touch-less”:

  • Releasing door locks
  • Activating hand, blow-driers
  • Initiating water flow
  • Dispensing paper towels
  • Flushing toilets.
  • Turning on/off room lights
  • Lobby doors for the handicapped
  • Some industrial overhead garage doors
  • Intercoms for customer entrance into manufacturing plants
  • Lobby phones for contacting receptionists

Typical applications which are NOT electrically-activated, but can be made “Touch-less”:

  • Opening and/or closing doors in offices, manufacturing plants, or retail stores
  • Dispensing product; e.g.,soaps; hand-sanitizers
  • Opening and/or closing industrial overhead doors & man-doors
  • Toilet paper dispensers


Call us to review how we can make your experiences “touch-less”, and safer for both you and your customers.


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