Tri-Tronics Photocraft

Tri-Tronics Photocraft manufactures shaft encoders, wheeled encoders, programmable encoders, hollow shaft encoders, absolute encoders & accessories.  Excel Automation is an authorized Tri-Tronics Photocraft distributor. 

Tri-Tronics Photocraft shaft encodersTri-Tronics Photocraft Shaft Encoders

Rugged industrial encoders in many configurations including size 20, 2-1/4″ cube, and heavy duty

Tri-Tronics Photocraft wheeled encodersTri-Tronics Photocraft Wheeled Encoders

An incremental encoder that uses precision measuring wheels to directly measure the movement of a conveyor belt or moving web.

Tri-Tronics Photocraft Programmable Encoders

Select pulses per revolution, output circuit, and other features at installation time.  Available on many models of shaft, hollow shaft, and wheeled encoders

Tri-Tronics Photocraft hollow shaft encoderTri-Tronics Photocraft Hollow Shaft Encoders

Mount directly on a shaft, eliminating the need for couplings and brackets.

Tri-Tronics Photocraft Absolute Encoders and
non-contact potentiometers

Provides up to 10-bit, single turn position. Available in low cost miniature, modular, and industrial configurations.

Tri-Tronics Photocraft Accessories

Mounting brackets, cables, measuring wheels, and more.

Tri-Tronics photocraft encoders

Tri-Tronics also manufacturers photoelectric, fiber optic, laser, color & uv sensors & controls.

Excel Automation is a Tri-Tronics Photocraft authorized distributor.  Contact us for technical & sales information.

Ph: 330-220-1977