Tempco Drum Heaters

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Tempco Drum Heaters are an easy and efficient solution for freeze protection, viscosity control, and temperature management of your stored fluids. Full Coverage Drum Blanket Heaters insulate contents to keep the heat exactly where it needs to be.


Tempco offers a variety heaters that can be used to speed the flow of solid and semi-solid materials within a drum including Blanket Drum Heaters, Drum Immersion Heaters, Heated Drum Dolly, Metal Jacketed Drum Heaters and Silicone Rubber Drum Heaters.

Common Applications
  • Adhesives Heating
  • Chemical Component Heating
  • Diesel Fuel Heating in cold weather
  • Grease Heating in cold weather
  • Metal Drum Heating
  • Plastic Drum Heating
  • Portable Drum Heating
  • Process Materials Heating