Process Instrumentation

Process Instrumentation

Burkert Fluid Control Systems  has offered customers various types of process instrumentation for over 20 years. To compliment the process valves, Burkert offers the following types of Instrumentation.

Flow Meter

Flow Sensors range from simple paddle wheel to Magmeter, Ultrasonic and Differential Pressure. Paddle Wheel Flow Sensor (PDF)





Level Sensor

Level Sensors range from Ultrasonic, Radar, Guided Microwave, Tuning Fork and Float switch types. Radar Level Sensor (PDF)





pH Transmitter

pH and Conductivity sensors come in a variety of industrial configurations.





Pressure Sensors

Pressure Sensors are switch type and transmitter styles with optional display.  Pressure Sensors (PDF)  





Mass Flow

Mass Flow Controls come in 3 types, Bypass MFC, Direct flow and Inline MFC.