Linear Bar Code Scanners

Linear Bar Code Scanners

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Microscan offers several models of laser 1D bar code scanners. The QX-830 is a compact industrial scanner that is rated IP65 with a scan range from 1” to 30”. Scan rates of 300 to 1400 scans per second. Fixed or raster laser models with free easy to use software. QX-830 (PDF)




Microscan has heavy duty scanners with the QX-870 series. With programmable sweeping raster makes it ideal for conveyor applications where the label is located in different locations on the object. Serial or Ethernet communication plus the same free software for all Microscan models. QX-870 (PDF)



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Datalogic is a leader in barcode technology. Datalogic offer bar code scanners with IP67 ratings. DS Series (PDF)




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Leuze Electronic has several industrial scanners for factory automation. BCL Scanner (PDF)